We are a company known as RGIS ROFE PHARM, food export and import LLC - and the "in"

Means we are a company based in Kazakhistan, for Kazakhstan (well, mostly).

With a dream to make this country a healthier place and highy living condition, Rgis Rofe  was born - and so were the various activities and businesses of the company.

Rgis Rofe company founded on january 2014 in the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan CEO and Co-Founder  is Dr. Fatih Mehmet Ozer, MD. Enterprise has been active in Generic drug, food, health products and transportation.

Taking into consideration that the demand and growth in the pharmaceutical market in Central Asia and in Kazakhstan, also the geographic location of Khazakstan, has led the company to be established the feature Headquartered in the city of Almaty, Khazakstan.